The Steamship Freshspring Society is approaching its first year as a charitable trust and therefore we are arranging the first AGM for 12 noon on Saturday 8th March 2014 at The Dean Heritage Centre, Camp Mill, Soudley, Gloucestershire, GL14 2UB. The Trustees would be very pleased if you could attend this important event to better understand how the project is managed and what is being achieved.

When the Trust was formed, a group of us agreed to become Trustees to get the project going and I hope we have achieved this goal. The Trustees during the past year have,

actively raised funds to achieve stability,

insured the ship for volunteers,

worked hard to gain considerable editorial in many prominent publications,

dramatically improved awareness of our historic ship,

carried out considerable works on Freshspring to ensure her stability,

worked towards locating a permanent base for the ship,

engaged with Heritage Lottery to pursue major funding,

worked with other trusts and education providers to understand the implications of our objects,

carried out considerable research into the history of the ship and her sisters,

attended many meetings and events to better understand the management of the project,

created a ten year business plan and budgets.

As a result we are now linked with partner organisations that will be helpful to us and indeed we hope to reciprocate this commitment, we also believe that the ship and the project have a sound future.

During the meeting, only current members will be able to vote, so if you want to have a voice and help support the future of SS Freshspring, please join the society before the meeting. Application forms can be found on our website

After the meeting and a break for lunch (available at The Dean Heritage Centre), we have arranged to visit SS Freshspring, which is berthed nearby to see around the ship and the works that have been carried out by our enthusiastic team of volunteers.

Hope to see you there.

(Secretary, Steamship Freshspring Society)