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Thread: John H. Amos

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    John H. Amos

    As previous info re the John H Amos seems to be now lost (SAD), seeing never in the Amos box, is not quite true. However, I submit the info once again.
    The Medway Maritime Trust website is interesting.
    Also Vic 96 site, this vessel is still up and running, quite an interesting site to view, all as below.
    Len Knight MQPS.

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    Re: John H. Amos

    Does anyone know what is happening with John H Amos? The last updates on their facebook page and their part of the Medway Maritime Trust website are both in 2009. Has nothing happened since then?
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    Re: John H. Amos

    Nothing at all is happening to the Amos bar continuing deterioration. We passed her on Saturday and she made a very sad sight indeed. The Medway Maritime Trust's other ship 'Vigilant' is now alongside the Amos and is just as derelict now. On a positive note, the volunteers who hoped to help out are mostly now doing good work on TID 164.
    nthomas, proud to be a member of National Steam Ship Preservation since Jun 2011.

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    Re: John H. Amos

    On board the Amos today, shown around by trustee Martin Stevens. No work has been done on her and she continues to slowly deteriorate. However, she could be so impressive if she were to be even cosmetically restored. Attachment 591

    nthomas, proud to be a member of National Steam Ship Preservation since Jun 2011.



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