View Full Version : Grimsby Pathe Films and more...

Elliott Peters
04-15-2014, 20:33
In the last couple of days, Pathe have uploaded a whole bunch of Grimsby related vintage videos some of which I'm sure will be of interest to some members here...


Given that Pathe have posted a gargantuan amount of material, I guess there's tons of fascinating stuff to be found in there... just go to their user page, enter whatever interests you in "search" and goodness knows what you may find!

George Ted
04-16-2014, 18:22
Thanks some great vids

Elliott Peters
04-16-2014, 22:43
Yes... all interesting stuff these windows into the past. Interesting what's been lurking in the archives all these years and makes one wonder what else is out there. There must be more homemade 8mm stuff I'd imagine... the various such films that have come to light have been fascinating to see. They've brought back quite a few memories for my Mum!

I guess it's important to keep an eye on the local auctions since they tend to get batches of films and tapes in old house clearances. A couple of years ago I remember browsing through a box of reel to reel tapes complete with the tape machine itself and wish I'd bought it... one of the tapes was a recording of some concert at the Central Hall in 1962. Odd things like that need to be preserved! I used to make my own recordings - mostly audio and some video - from 1989 to 1998 of gigs around Grimsby, the earliest being the Wintringham School Variety Concert 1989 which is a nice keepsake which I've carefully preserved and digitised. It's also funny how most of the venues I recorded in have long since vanished! When I moved to Liverpool, I made tons of recordings of the local poetry and music scene - it was really thriving between 1998 and 1999 and I was the only person that bothered to archive what was a wonderful scene.

And the docks continues to disappear silently... when I went through the docks a few weeks ago on the train, much more has been flattened (by our favourite demolition company) to the degree you can now see most of the docks themselves. All the old fish filleter buildings have gone, GPE, Bridges and Salmons, Leggetts... all gone. It looks like a large wasteland. Very sad to see it.