View Full Version : Alexandra Dock grimsby

George Ted
01-19-2014, 11:42
Now and a few years ago

01-21-2014, 07:26
Ey Yup, George Ted... What's that about a picture being worth a thousand words? Those two are worth a million at least! A pity that the Gaumless of Grimsby WON'T see or hear. They give the true old meaning to the word gaumless -- as the Scots have it: wi' neether heed na ken!

George Ted
03-16-2014, 19:55
Still there

Elliott Peters
12-23-2014, 15:53
Passed through the dock today and I think it's time great concerns were raised about the state of the Ross Tiger since if it doesn't get any attention in the next year or two we'll soon be seeing a repeat of the Lincoln Castle situation. Toss in the sunken Esther rotting away in the waters, it's one hell of a depressing state of affairs...



George Ted
12-23-2014, 17:50
The council will say they haven't got the money to take her out and into a drydock

Elliott Peters
12-23-2014, 19:53
The council will say they haven't got the money to take her out a into drydock

Aye... it's inevitable what's gonna happen. :apathy:

Always nice to know they can waste £6 million on the farcical crazy paving fiasco, the supposed "shared spaces" - I almost got ran over today outside the Yarborough Hotel thanks to that. Apparently they're gonna be replacing it with tarmac again "at no extra cost" - amazing... it should never had happened in the first place.