View Full Version : July 2013 update

07-11-2013, 17:23
I realise we have not said much about Freshspring recently, but it doesn't mean we have not been busy. In May, our application to form a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) was approved by the Charities Commission, which has created a charitable trust to look after the ship.
The trust is currently investigating options for docking and creating a sustainability (business) plan to ensure that a secure future for Freshspring is created.

On board, a small but dedicated team of volunteers are working to slow down the deterioration of the hull and superstructure, largely caused by rain water, by making waterproof covers to stop the water getting in and making sure that the bilges are kept clean.

With help from Steam Heritage Publishing and Swift Shipbrokers, a leaflet to promote Freshspring has been produced, you can download a copy from our website here (http://ssfreshspring.co.uk/Freshspringlores.pdf).

Volunteers both local and otherwise are welcomed