View Full Version : Better outside Shelter on Waverley

02-14-2013, 22:50
Should there be better shelter from the rain onboard waverley, especially on days with high numbers or do we think this adds to the occassion?
Often its hard to stay dry...

France Fenwick
02-14-2013, 23:05
Is the Company considering such changes?

02-16-2013, 23:02
I raised this matter some time ago on this forum and queried whether additional covering of the awning type but obviously more stoutly made of the type usde onthe

Buchanan steamers for example behnd the after shelter or amidships would not spoil he ships outline and after all alterations to her profile might well have been made

in commercial service It is notorious thar a single short shower can render the seats on the promenade deck useless including those under the boat and bridge decks

We are all getting less hardy ---no more open topped trams --and I think the lack of cover is a major disincentive nowadays sturdy seafarers though all members of this

forum are ! I would be interested to hear further views on this subject

02-16-2013, 23:39
I can't exactly remember what we agreed on last time, but the facts are that Waverley is not the ideal boat for excursions in the modern era - especially not in exposed weather and seas and not when it's wet elsewhere

The other fact, though is we are trying to save Waverley pretty much as she is for what she is and what she represents and it's hard to see where changes can be made which would be acceptable unless the promenade deck is completely closed in and she becomes much more like Goethe (which underwent radical remodelling over the years)

When it is wet people will want a warm and comfy place to shelter and patently this is not possible for all the way Waverley is today (unless she is very lightly loaded). Whatever happens, people won't be able to see out if at all, so will have to have something else to occupy themselves with

if she is based at one location and sailing in one area (as is the subject discussed on other threads) at least there is the option to open up more areas which are currently crew-only to passengers. The areas have to be pleasant though. The lower bar in Waverley itself really needs making more inviting for a start