View Full Version : Dr Joe Mc Kendrick RIP

08-14-2012, 14:44
I'm very, very sorry to hear that. RIP.

08-14-2012, 16:23
Sorry to hear - a very nice and modest fellow . Could;nt have been all that old ?

08-14-2012, 16:23
Was he a GP doctor or a PHd ?

08-14-2012, 16:31
Shocking news... Joe had been involved with Waverley/Balmoral for more years than I care to remember. His input was probably in excess of what anyone really knew and his selfless contribution will be sorely missed. Above all, he was a very genial guy. It will be hard to pass by the shop without seeing him around...I'm still trying to get over the winter death of Ian Smillie, another shop stalwart in recent years who devoted just about all his spare time to Waverley after retirement.

08-14-2012, 17:21
I did not know him personally, but his is a name that I have known for many years - and most Waverley enthusiasts likewise, i would expect. Says a lot.

Thank you very much for all you did to help our precious ship

Very sad news indeed

08-15-2012, 21:56
A fitting tribute by Stuart Cameron on the PSPS Scottish branch website