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Dan Cross
11-24-2018, 21:51
Hi Everyone,
After a frustrating start to the season, our enforced stay on the Weaver has in some ways been helpful. We are now building a healthy following on the Weaver, cruises have seen healthy loadings and some sold out. We can't chance any cancellations next year and with Marsh Lock not being stemmed to re-open until April, we have decided to base ourselves on the Weaver through to September '19.
The Danny is now at Sutton Weaver, Frodsham and this is now our winter maintenance base this winter. We are remaining open weekends until mid December and will re-open as an event space and open to the public from February 2019. Our first cruise is planned to be mid-May 2019. With the extra dredging recently completed, we can now offer anything on the Weaver from just over an hour @ £12.30 through to a full day at just over £50 and a lot in between. We will be offering our now famous Gin cruises and some real-ale cruises also in 2019.
For anyone who hasn't cruised the Weaver, its a "MUST DO" as everyone is saying once they have experienced the River for the first time.
We aren't saying "never" to Manchester or Liverpool but we need to build the business and operate where is good for the ship to help build up some reserves.
Here is our time table and a few wonderful images from this Summer and Autumn.

Dan Cross
03-07-2019, 23:25
Our updated 2019 cruise schedule.

03-07-2019, 23:40
I wish you every success ...... but where are the 11-hour cruises so beloved of WEL ?

03-09-2019, 00:41
I wish you every success ...... but where are the 11-hour cruises so beloved of WEL ?

Mercifully the Weaver isn't long enough for 11 hour cruises. ;)

05-19-2019, 11:30
It appears that the PSPS does approve of this as an excellent way of preserving a ship !