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George Ted
03-05-2018, 17:16
Sir William McAlpine, who lived at the Fawley Hill estate with his widow Lady Judith McAlpine, passed away yesterday (Sunday, March 4) following a period of illness.
The 82-year-old, a former director of his family's construction company, purchased the famous steam locomotive from America in 1973.
It had been due to spend the rest of its days in a museum but Sir William brought it back to England and pressed it back into service for day trips before selling it in the Nineties http://www.henleystandard.co.uk/news/fawley/122843/saviour-of-flying-scotsman-dies.html

03-07-2018, 11:53
In some respects, Bill McAlpine was not only the saviour of the Flying Scotsman but also the Paddle Steamer Waverley. In 1977, following the grounding on the Gantocks when Waverley was out of service for 6 weeks, he stepped in to loan WSN Co the much smaller MV Queen of Scots which he owned at the time and had been used to ferry construction workers to Ardyne Point. Some of Waverley’s crew were transferred and the ship’s funnel painted in WSN colours. Although smaller and slower than Waverley with only a Class IV passenger certificate, she enabled a restricted service to continue, and, more importantly, provide critical cash flow whilst Waverley was being repaired. And at the end of the 6 week bareboat charter, he wouldn’t accept a penny!
So thank you Bill, you will never be forgotten!

03-09-2018, 13:34
Sir Bill was a great help to many aspects of the preservation world.
Buying up traction engine pattern stores and so forth, to give another example.
I was privileged to meet him at a certain railway in the top left corner of Wales.
His influence and generosity will be greatly missed.