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12-11-2014, 19:25
Hi all i am new here and need a little help......I live in New Holland at the Magna Charta pub and am looking for pictures of this ferry or any sort of push in the right direction to find some.I am looking to try and produce a pictorial history for hanging in the pub.I have just returned to New Holland after an absence of a few years but in my early days have travelled on the Lincoln Winfield and Tattershall castle collection and also the Farringford....i was also a signalman at Oxmarsh Jcn for BR(E) for a few years and was on duty for the last scheduled run of the Lincoln Castle to Hull :(
any help would be greatly appreciated

George Ted
12-11-2014, 19:31
I was born in New Holland in 1942 the Magna Charta was the first pub i had a drink in

There is a list of the humber ferries on this site http://www.steamships.org.uk/humberferries/

12-11-2014, 22:10
I've never in the past been aware of pictures of this ferry - though I am sure they exist

If you haven't already seen it, there is one of a sorry looking Magna Charta (the second of that name) derelict in 1924 in the new book Ferries Across the Humber by Kirk Martin ISBN1783831022

However, I guess it's not the right one to adorn anything ...... totally the wrong impression !

The photo is sources from the NE Lincolnshire Council Library Service

There is another excellent photo of two ships in service at Hull, one is "Grimsby" with possibly Magna Charta alongside. This is from a private collection

Kirk Martin is a member of this forum so you can no doubt contact him for help

By the way, I would strongly recommend the book - it's excellent

George Ted
12-12-2014, 07:05
The only pic i know is on the hanging sign outside the Magna Charta pub

12-12-2014, 13:57
Thanks for all the replys i am gratefull......i see that sign every day and its in a bit of a state at the moment.I will have to take it down and clean it up and see if i can get it repainted.