View Full Version : The Rise and Fall of Grimsby Fish Docks

George Ted
11-23-2014, 05:32
A look at the history behind the rollercoaster ride that is the story of the port and docks at Grimsby in Lincolnshire. http://www.rodcollins.com/wordpress/the-decline-of-grimsby-docks-an-illustrated-history

Elliott Peters
11-23-2014, 08:44
Thanks for this. No idea why we'd never encountered this before. Unfortunately since that was published 3 years ago, a LOT more of the docks has quietly vanished hence it looks worse now, much more skeletal and bare. In my teens I used to have occasional wanders around the docks and it always felt like stepping back in time and wandering around a different world. Though by then they were well in decline the old fish landing pontoon was still standing and you'd still see a fair amount of business going on during mornings. I only walked up to the lock gates beside the dock tower once which was interesting, Now? No chance. You can't get anywhere near it unless you're one of those charity abseilers. I also remember as a kid there used to be loads of those blue cranes flitting back and forth across the Royal Docks... I don't think there's a single crane around there now.

Makes me feel sad, but a little glad I got to see much of it whilst it was still standing. Sure, it was rotting away even then, but I always liked those smaller details this Rod Collins guy picked up on... all neat little pieces of history... and now more or less all gone forever. Far too late for the docks to be conserved in any form and I think the ongoing battle to save the Ice House came too late as it keeps on rotting away... which is probably the intention since it looks totally inhospitable and unsaveable now. Would require many millions to restore and rebuild that... what would be the point in saving a building locals can't even access and can only see from a distance or through train windows? And again, since that page was written, Grimsby has sunken deeper into decline whilst NELC cook up farcical ways to waste money like the idiotic crazy paving "shared space" palava around the rail station. How much did that all cost along with the dumb bus station business? £6 million? Utterly unbelievable.